Red Eclipse Mumble Server!


Or add the server manually, in case the button doesn't work or you don't want to use it:, port 64738 (default port)

Mumble is an open-source VoIP software, especially designed for gamers. It allows self-hosting of servers, which is a great plus for data protection and privacy. Though, you should not trust any service on the internet by default. The Red Eclipse Mumble service is hosted in Germany and subject to German and European privacy law. These are almost the highest available standards. No other country is as strict about private data.

Compared to hosted solutions like Discord or Teamspeak, Mumble provides functionalities for talking and chatting, has a programming interface and other nice features. You can modify the server at any time, and verify how it works. The mentioned hosted services are provided by companies which are more interested in making money than in your privacy. You can use them "for free", but what does that mean? You pay with your data, with your privacy. You might disclose personal information during chats, even by accident, and never know what happens with it. With Mumble, you control the client, and you can be pretty sure that the server is taking your privacy serious. We assure you that we do at least.

You have to decide if these risks are worth it. We provide you with this service, free of charge, because we believe in privacy. Please, take your own privacy as serious as we do. Install Mumble today, and enjoy an awesome free software product and amazing voice over IP experience.